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Our Special

Astrology Services

We can able to cast the horoscope/kundali & give prediction and also do the horoscope matching for marriage. Since we specialized in DHOSA PARIKARAMS we can give advise to overcome the obstacles in marriage, Sarpa Dhosa, Pithru Dhosa, Mangalya Dhosa, Puthra Dhosa and other Doshams.

Online Astrological consultation is also available. Also speciliased in naming new born child/ New company or firm or institution as per vedic astrology and numerology.. Black Magic therapy is also available.

Matrimonial Services

We are also doing . I have got number of horoscopes for Brahmin’s boy’s and girl’s in all age group. I can help you to select horoscopes according to your expectations. I being an Astrologer I will select the suitable horoscope (initially based on Star matching) for your girl or boy.

Since I have specialized in horoscope matching, I can match the horoscope and send the matching report for your immediate action subject to request from you. I will do the matching in accordance with the “Vedic Astrology.” Initially the horoscope will be selected as per the star of the girl /boy. For every registered member personal, individual attention will be given for selection.

It is the responsibility of the concern person to make enquiry about the consent of either boy or girl. If you are interested you can fill up the enclosed application and send for which you will be provided 20 star matched girl/boys horoscopes. The charges are mentioned in the tariff.

The duration will be 6 month. On receipt of your confirmation by sending your filled application I will send my bank account details and you can directly remit the registration fees. If you are staying outside of India you can send through any money transfer agent like Western Union etc.

Numerology Services

Numerology is the mathematically-exact method of revealing your desires, fortune, and what is most likely to happen in the future — selecting your name on the basis of your birth date Star and horoscope. Coining the name in accordance with the horoscope and date of birth your fortune will be assured and ill effect will be minimized.

No other science, esoteric or otherwise, can give you the correctness of your name to help you or your child for their prosperous. Numerology is the art of determining tendencies and likelihoods pertaining to your present and future using the numbers of your birth date, star, Lagnam, Rasi and Bhakyathipathi.

Vaastu – Improve your Home or Office

Vasthu rectification is one of my favorite subjects and I as a notable astrologer in Chennai can analyze your building plans or inspect your buildings and give suitable remedial modifications required in them for 100% compliance with traditional Vasthu principles for getting all the happiness and prosperity through your new as well as existing buildings and structures.

Business Astrology Consultations

When you need to find the ways for finding the improvements in Business promotion through Astrological means I as your astrologer in Chennai can suggest suitable Pariharams and temple visits and wearing of right Gems to get the desired level of business success and prosperity throughout your life.