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About Us

Dr. Arun Raghavendar
Ph.D. in Astrology, Priest and Prasanna Astrologer

What is your Indian astrology, you wonder. Yes, you will be intrigued by the elaborate preparations required to prepare an Indian astrology. To start with one needs the birth details of the person, as accurately as possible.

This accurate birth data forms the basis of creation of your Indian horoscope. The Indian horoscope typically includes the ascendant sign, such as Scorpio [Vrichika Lagna], the placement of the lagna in whichever Rasi, indicates the rasi at the time of the individual's birth.

This free Indian horoscope online also contains the times of different dasas such as Budha dasa, Rahu dasa and so on. Each of these planets keep moving their positions and this is indicated when urself from the comfort of your home, no payments required and no credentials required.

The online horoscope gives you the natal birth chart or rasi chart, the navamsa chart, the doshams in the chart of the owner, the various dasas and the minor dasas for the entire lifespan of the individual. We encourage you to check out the online horoscope, take a chart of yourself; recommend the online horoscope to friends and relatives.

This Tamil Indian Online horoscope is a result of many man years of research and an offering from the ePanchang team for the benefit of the Tamil community the world over. Get your online birth horoscope today; do send in your feedback on this so that we may offer you more and more features in times to come.